Want to learn a tune? ...
Click on a link to hear it played twice at a moderate tempo, then once slowly.

The Hungry Rocks (traditional jig)

The Queeen of the Fair (traditional reel)
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Here are a few photos of some of the classes and workshops I've taught. Many thanks to all my students... I've learned a lot from you.
Randal Bays workshop

Nova Scotia 1996


Randal Bays workshop

Swannanoa Gathering, North Carolina 1997

Randal Bays workshop

O'Flaherty Camp (Texas) 2011

Randal Bays workshop

Rocky Mt. Fiddle Camp 2010

Randal Bays workshop

Catskills Irish Arts Week 2011

Randal Bays workshop

Victoria BC, 2008

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David Lyth - Bowing Styles in Irish Fiddle Playing

Online ear training program... very good!