Irish Tune Learning Class with Randal Bays - Winter 2016

Monday evenings, Jan. 11 - Feb. 29, 2016, from 7pm to 8:30pm in Northeast Seattle (8 classes)

Email to register or for more information

Here's a good way to build your Irish repertoire in a group setting and have some fun while doing it. This class learns one traditional Irish tune per week, puts them in medleys and plays them together a lot, so by the end everyone has at least eight good session tunes in common... jigs, reels, hornpipes, etc. The goals of the class are to build a repertoire of Irish tunes, and to improve at learning by ear. The class is primarily for beginning/intermediate players. More advanced musicians are welcome but will need to be OK with learning slowly and with lots of repetition.

The traditional tunes are taught by ear, so bring recording devices (no video recording please). There will usually be sheet music handed out at the end of the classes, and the tunes will be posted on the class web page with links to further listening. Cost is $140 for all eight classes, or $25 per class. (Half price if you're taking regular private lessons with Randal.)

Location: (Wedgwood Neighborhood)

Please send me an email to register or for more information. You can pay via PayPal or at the first class session. Thanks!

Many thanks for the generous support of:

Ceol Cascadia Irish Music Association


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